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What is Land & Ladle?

Land & Ladle is a mission-driven organization focused on building and promoting a more sustainable, communal and equitable food system through education, marketing, community development and technology.

What We Care About

Sustainable Food

The future of our planet depends on sustainable food. Sustainable food innovations from alternative proteins and packaging to food waste reduction and products can help make our food system more sustainable and resilient.

Equitable Food

Healthy food is a human right. Food has the power to uplift communities economically and socially, so we support innovative ways to ensure all people have the opportunity to eat healthfully and participate in the food economy.

Communal Food

Food brings people together. It can help foster understanding, teach traditions, celebrate culture and strengthen communities. We help people grow, harvest and eat food together through unique experiences.

Functional Food

Food is medicine. The link between mental and physical well being and food is clear, but research on personalized and functional foods is nascent. We aim to accelerate innovation and educate the public on food for betterment of human health.

What We Do

Educational Programs

Marketing & Outreach

Community Building & Events

Technology Development

Where We Focus

Local focus for global impact

We are focusing our attention on the Sacramento and Yolo region because we believe that this region, with its proximity to farms, the farm-to-fork capitol: Sacramento and the top minds in food and agriculture from University of California at Davis, has all the ingredients to lead the way in building sustainable and equitable food systems. The Yolo and Sacramento region is primed to lead California. California historically leads the nation, which in turn leads the globe. So while we focus locally, we aim for a global impact.


Let's Talk About Food: Tapping the Potential for Davis

Co-organizing of a series of events and report development for Food & Economic Development effort in the Davis region.

Giving Garden

App development and management. Giving Garden helps people grow and share food.

Davis Eats

A series of communal gatherings centered around good food in fun settings with a dash of art to feed the soul. This is a partnership with MightyGoodFoods and artist Bryce Vinokurov.

Cali Rice Fest Education & Cooking Demo Progamming

We are thrilled to be planning the educational programming and cooking demonstrations for the first-ever Cali Rice Fest on May 29-31, 2020. Feed your belly and your curiosity.

Davis Farm to School's Village Feast

Branding and marketing for an annual farm-to-fork meal and fundraiser for Davis Farm to School.

Ladies of Land & Ladle

Community building via online and offline events and communications for women in food and ag.

Food for The People & Planet: Food Waste Entrepreneurship Program

Development of a Food Waste Entrepreneurship program in partnership with UCANR, The VINE, UCD food waste experts.

Little Chefs

Program creation and development for the Davis Food Co-op and Davis Farm to School 3rd Grade food field trip.

Extra Helpings


Our sister company, Caneberry, offers marketing, branding, strategy and community development assistance. Learn more at

New Site Coming Soon

Stay tuned for our new site! We have lots of great news and programs to share. The site will feature events and content on sustainable, equitable and communal food.

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Ways To Get Involved

Land & Ladle aims to highlight the great work of the advocates, pioneers, chefs, entrepreneurs, stewards, farmers and researchers making the world a better place, through sustainable and equitable food and agriculture. We are building community + content-based forums and gatherings offline and online to foster education, collaboration and innovation in sustainable agriculture, food and textiles. We can't do this alone and welcome your help, engagement and feedback.

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